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We Carry The Size You Need

Whether you’re moving, planning a big event, renovating, or engaging in some other major life scenario, portable storage is a great way to make your life easier. If you’ve learned about the many perks of these units and want to invest in one soon, then it’s time to figure out which size would be best for your needs.

We offer three different sized storage units for our customer base: 8’x12’, 8’x16’, or 8’x20’. If you only have a few rooms to clear out or a small apartment, then the smallest size should work just fine for you. The next size up is better for those with bigger furniture items, such as a few beds and a couch.

Finally, there’s our biggest unit size. If you’ve got some big appliances and a few rooms full of things to store or move, than this is the one for you. Although, completely loaded, they cannot be moved, so consider that if you’re not using it for temporary storage.

Do You Need A Dumpster, Too?storage unit

There’s no doubt that portable storage containers make your life easier in countless ways, but we have something else that can help you out, too – dumpster rentals! There are a wide range of scenarios that benefit from the use of a dumpster right on your property, and it will save you lots of trips to the dump yard, which takes time and gas money.

Like your portable storage unit, we drop off the dumpster when you need it, then pick it up when you’re through. That means all you have to focus on is the project at hand! No matter what you face throughout your remodel, move, or other event, a dumpster is sure to make things go a lot smoother.

That being said, there’s no need for a large dumpster if the project you’re working on is a smaller one. On the flip side, you want to ensure you have enough room for all of the trash you’re getting rid of! We offer our dumpsters in both 10 and 20 yard units, so you can work with whichever size would be better for you. A 10-yard rental will hold about 3 pick-up trucks worth of garbage, while a 20-yard will hold twice that much.

We’re Flexible, Affordable & Convenient

As you can see, we do everything we can to make this process as seamless as possible for our customer base. By offering a variety of size options, we ensure you get exactly what you need, no matter what. On top of this, we do our best to accommodate your schedule and to adjust time frames based on anything unexpected that may come up.

We also work hard to offer the lowest prices around! If you discover that a competitor of ours is offering the same service or products at a lower rate, please let us know. We’ll match it, then lower it by 5%, guaranteeing you the best deal, no matter what. We also offer convenient month-to-month financing, and we can set up automatic payments from your bank account, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Questions? Give us a call and we can help you out. There’s no better team to trust!

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The Details Behind Our Mobile Storage

There’s no doubting the convenience and popularity of mobile storage. Your items stay safer and more secure, the scheduling is easier to manage, and you have the privilege of packing up your belongings into a ground-level unit on a time frame that works with your day-to-day life.

There are lots of places that offer portable units, but we feel that our products and services exceed them all. Learn more below.Details of Our Mobile Storage - Nashville TN - Mobile Attic

Built Sturdy For Added Protection

We don’t build our units with materials that are flimsy and easily broken into, as other companies are known to do. Rather, we spare no expense, and ensure our storage containers are built from materials like fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and rubber flashing all of which will stand the test of time, so you don’t need to stress about your items getting stolen or ruined.

This type of construction also guarantees better protection from storms and bad weather. Whether it’s hot and humid, cold and rainy, or super windy, your unit will stay put and keep out anything that may cause damage. UV rays, downpours, and snow are no match for us!

Also, if you choose to store your unit on The Mobile Attic’s property, we ensure added security with our tough gates, security cameras, and great lighting.

Easy Access For Your Convenience

The great part about portable storage is that it can be delivered to your home and stored on your property, so you have 24/7 access to your belongings. That being said, some don’t have the space for it, so they opt to leave their units with us. In these cases, we offer access 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm, so you’re sure to have easy access to your unit. You’ll even have your own gate code, making the process more secure.

All in all, we make your convenience a priority, so if a previously set up time frame doesn’t work with your schedule, simply give us a call, and we’ll do our best to rearrange things for you. Life doesn’t always go as planned, so trust in us to have your back!

What We Do & Do Not Provide

While we’re here to offer the advice, time, and assistance to help you throughout your next big move, there are a few things we do not provide. Hand trucks and dollies, for example, are things that we do not have on site. We do have moving blankets, padlocks, and straps that we can offer, though, all of which are known for making the storage process go a lot smoother.

We also offer two types of insurance, if you are looking to have your belongings covered. Just contact our team, and we’ll be happy to give you more information!

Our Team Won’t Let You Down

There’s no doubt that The Mobile Attic is the only team to trust for all of your moving and storing needs. We value your satisfaction above everything else, and our flexible and professional crew is sure to be of assistance any time you need help. Our drivers undergo a background check and require a clean driving record of 10 years before they’re put on the job, so you can rest easy, no matter what. Your belongings are safe with us!

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