Why Choose Mobile Storage Over A Storage Facility?

If you are looking to store some belongings, you may be debating between portable storage and self-storage. These two options are both designed to fulfill your needs, but is one a better option than the other? Here at The Mobile Attic, we believe portable storage is always the way to go! Not only is it an easier and more convenient choice, but when you work with us, you’ll find the strength, flexibility, and customer satisfaction you’re searching for.

What Is Mobile Storage?

With mobile (or portable) storage, the process is simple. You pick whichever unit works best for your needs, then it is delivered to your home. Once there, you can load, unload, and rearrange your items based upon the timeline that works best for you. Whenever you are ready for the unit to be picked up or delivered elsewhere, simply call and have it transported. That’s all there is to it!

The best part about portable storage is that it can be used for all types of occasions. Whether you are moving, remodeling, hosting a big event, or clearing some space for long-term guests, there are multiple reasons why choosing portable storage is your best bet.

Easy Access

One benefit portable storage has over self-storage is the immediate availability to your belongings. Since the units are placed on your property you literally have access to your things whenever you would like! No more driving across town to find what you need or carting items back and forth for miles and miles. Simply walk to your yard, open your lock, and you are all set!

Also, keep in mind that some self-storage businesses have set hours of operation, meaning you only have access to your personal possessions during certain times of day. With portable storage you can go to your unit any day, at any hour. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

No Hauling Necessary

When you rent out a self-storage unit, you are forced to load up items on a regular basis to get them to and from the space. This means lifting heavy boxes and furniture up into a vehicle, then unloading them once you get there. If you forget something or decide you want to take some items back out, that leads to starting this extensive process all over again.

Portable storage units are placed on the ground, so all you have to do is walk your items from your home and into the unit. No more hauling, lifting, or loading. If you have back issues or fear injury when it comes to moving heavy items, worry no longer! Portable storage offers a much safer and more manageable option.

Work With Us!

For unbeatable customer service, work with The Mobile Attic today! We will offer any potential customer an in-depth look into our units and will keep you informed on any possible information you may need for you next major life event. Ease your stress with us – call now!