Fun Ways To Decorate Your Home For Fall

It’s finally fall! Ready to bring the beauty of the season inside of your home? Check out some decorating suggestions below, then count on the Mobile Attic for your storage needs when it’s time to pack it all away.

Pick A Focal Pointautumn decor on desk

If you’re one who loves the changing seasons and can’t wait to get out your pumpkin decor, then you may be anxious to fill your home with as much autumn-themed items as possible. Before going too crazy, pick out one (okay, or two) main focal points, so that guests aren’t overwhelmed by the decor.

Great locations for your focal point include a dining room table, a fireplace mantel, a kitchen island, a coffee table, or simply wherever you and your family tend to hang out the most – you want to be able to enjoy it!

After that’s done, fill the rest of your living space with smaller arrangements. Tiny pumpkins, fall-themed candles, fake fruit and leaves, and similar items all make great accent pieces.

Frame Your Children’s Artwork

If you want to add a genuine and charming touch to your holiday set-up, why not frame your kid’s artwork? It will make your little one feel extra special, and we guarantee you’ll feel happy every time you see it. Over the years you can build up quite the collection, and pulling these items out of storage with every season will definitely bring back some great memories.

Explore The Dollar Section

If you’re decorating on a budget, there’s no need to spend big bucks at expensive department stores. You can find some good-quality items in the dollar section of many stores, or you could stop by your town’s local dollar store to see what they’re hosting in their holiday aisle. You’d be surprised at how many great products are available for a much lower price point, and there’s often a few one-of-a-kind gems in there, too.

How Is Your Porch Looking?

Your front porch is the first thing people see upon arriving to your home, so this is really your opportunity to make a good first impression when it comes to your decorating skills. Some pumpkins, a fall-themed floor mat, and a festive wreath can make all the difference! Some even spring for orange twinkle lights or a cute sign or scarecrow.

I’m All Set! Just One More Question…

Have you got your home looking great, only to find yourself wondering where you’re going to put all of this fall decor when the winds of winter finally arrive? We’ve got you covered! Our storage options ensure you always have enough space to stash holiday items. Simply pack up your fall stuff at the end of the season, put it into your storage unit and, while you’re there, grab your Christmas stuff! It’s all made easier than ever when you work with our crew.

Ready to explore your options? Reach out today!

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