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If you’re a homeowner seeking some extra space, we want to help you out. You could be hosting long-term guests, throwing a big party or event, or just need a safe place to temporarily stash some items. Whatever it is, our units offer a dependable, durable, and convenient option for storing your belongings.

One thing portable storage is often used for is home renovations. If there is a time in your life where you need more space, this is definitely it! Consider us for added convenience during your next renovation or remodel.

Giving Yourself Space

A lot of extra things like saws, building materials, tools, and more are used during most renovations. And with all of this extra equipment comes extra people, ready to help you get the job done fast. With so much space being taken up, it’s going to be hard to maneuver around the objects already in your home. This not only slows down progress, but leads to a lot of unwanted stress and headaches.

By investing in portable storage, you can move bigger items and anything else that may get in the way safely into a secure and sturdy storage unit. And the best part? It will placed directly in your yard by our hard-working staff! If you ever need access to anything you’ve put away, all you have to do walk a few steps and you will be good to go.

Keeping Others Safe

Another benefit of clearing out some extra space is the added safety you gain throughout your home. A lot goes on during renovations and there are a lot of extra things laying around. It’s not always easy to keep things clean and with nails, screws, and other sharp objects around, you’ll want to take extra precautions to keep everyone safe.

Store what you can, so there is less to get in the way. With less around, there is less to trip over, run into, or fall onto. You’ll feel a lot better knowing your crew has a wide and open area to work safely in, and you won’t have to stress as much about kids running through the area and falling on something dangerous.

Minimizing Damage

A remodel or renovation can get messy fast, and there’s no doubt that things get hectic. With a wide range of tools and equipment being used, it’s hard to feel secure about the safety of your belongings. By getting your couches, chairs, coffee tables, and similar items in storage, you won’t leave any risk of these expensive items getting damaged.

There also tends to be more people around in the midst of a renovation and there’s always a bit more chaos, too. Someone could accidentally bump one of your breakable belongings and cause some serious damage. On top of that, there’s no telling what items will mindlessly be placed on nice wood furniture or what could potentially stain couches, ottomans, and the like. Put your mind at ease and pack those things safely away until the renovation is complete.

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