How To Get More Space Out Of Your Home

Love your new home, but find yourself struggling to make your space work for you? If your living quarters are a bit cramped, and you can’t seem to make everything fit and function appropriately, don’t get frustrated. There are countless ways to get more from your space, and the team here at The Mobile Attic is here to help!

Decorate Strategicallystorage box

When it comes to decorating and adding furniture, there are a few tricks to keep in mind that will help to make your space look bigger. First of all, invest in mirrors. Mirrors can make the inside of the home feel like there is more going on, and if you can get the mirror to capture a scenic landscape outdoors, then that’s even better.

Be careful when adding furniture, as well. The right pieces will enhance your room, but balance is key. A bunch of bulky items won’t do your smaller home any favors, but you don’t want to keep things tiny, either, as this emphasizes the fact that you don’t have much space to work with. Move things around and find what works best for you.

When it comes to your walls, the right paint color, art, and lighting can take you far. You can add a lot of depth and height with certain types of light fixtures, and the right combination of colors can open things up, too. Do your research, and stick with what you love. And, once you’re done, be sure to keep those windows open to show off your look and ensure your home doesn’t feel confined or constricted.

Maximize Storage Space

Finding ways to maximize storage space in your home is easier than you’d think. Benches and ottomans are great for both seating and stashing blankets and other items, and you could utilize the space under your bed for storage, as well. No coat closet? Put hooks on the wall or invest in a coat rack! No room for pots and pans? Make a potholder than you can place on your wall. They’ll be easy to access and out of the way – a win-win!

All in all, there are countless ways to turn unsightly storage into a piece of decor or you could purchase (or make) items that serve multiple functions. Get creative, look for ideas online, and get your home looking great today!

Invest In Outside Storage

Sometimes you’ll come across an item that you love but simply cannot work into your new home’s setup. If this sounds all too familiar, don’t stress! There’s no need to get rid of pieces you enjoy and think you may use down the line. Simply invest in storage from us! Our storage containers can be delivered to your home, so you can pack it up at a rate that works for you. Then, we’ll pick it up and place it in our secure lot until you need it again.

Create a space you love today, and please reach out if you need more storage solutions. We’re here to help!