Long-Term Storage Tips

There are many situations that call for long-term storage. Whether you are between living arrangements, using storage to stay organized, or simply just need the extra space, it is important to educate yourself on how to properly store your possessions, ensuring that they remain safe and intact. Packing up items for an extensive period of time should be approached differently than if you are just packing things up for a month or two.Tips For Long-Term Stoarage - Nashville, TN - The Mobile Attic

Check out some of these tips to ensure your items stay in top condition.

  • Use durable storage containers. By purchasing new, sturdy boxes, you will help ensure that your items stay safer for longer. Also, try to keep the boxes close to the same size, which will help you stack and store them easier. This also makes it easier to get to the boxes, should you need to access anything in them.


  • Vacuum-seal clothes. If you want to keep your clothes in the best condition possible, vacuum seal them to ensure that they are well-protected. They will not get wet or infested, and this also makes them much easier to store, while freeing up space in your storage unit.


  • Properly wrap fragile items. If you have an item that is breakable, be sure to wrap it in some type of protective material, such as bubble wrap or soft cloth. For extra cushioning, fill the storage box with foam or something similar to ensure that items will not bump against anything else and break.


  • Stack boxes appropriately. When putting boxes into storage stack the heavier items on bottom, while keeping the lighter ones on top. Also, boxes that contain more fragile possessions should be put in the back to avoid any possible collisions. A good tip is to label boxes accordingly to ensure that they are put in the appropriate location and are easy to access later.


  • Store furniture properly. Take apart your furniture as much as possible, keeping any necessary screws or tools together and close by. Wood items should be sprayed with oil or polished to ensure that they do not get too dry while in storage. Furniture made out of material should be covered with cloth and then taped to keep it safe and clean.


  • Clean your appliances. Before storing appliances, make sure they are as clean as possible. It is recommended to use bleach or baking soda to ensure that as much bacteria as possible has been washed away. Wrap up the cords so that they do not get lost or tangled, and leave any doors slightly open. These tips will help to ensure that mold and debris do not build up on these items.


At The Mobile Attic, we have all the tools you need to store your items safely. Give our experts a call today and see what we can do for you!