Moving This Winter? Depend On The Mobile Attic!

Once the holidays are through, most people are anxious to wrap up December, then spend the next couple months unwinding from a hectic and festive time of year. And once temperatures really start to drop, spending your nights cozied up inside with loved ones sounds about perfect! Seems like a good plan, right? Not if you’re planning a big move!

If you’re switching homes or businesses this winter, then you deserve to work with a company that helps you keep things as stress-free as possible. And here at The Mobile Attic we’ll get the job done right. You can trust us to have your back through it all!

Avoid Maneuvering Down Icy Roads

When dealing with traditional moving trucks, you’re forced to drive this ginormous vehicle, filled with stuff, to your new location. During a time of year when roads are known to be covered with snow and ice, the thought of maneuvering a huge moving truck across the state, county, or country can be pretty intimidating! And with all those valuable possessions in tow, we understand not wanting to take any chances.

At The Mobile Attic, we take that step out of the picture for you. Here’s how we work… we will drop a moving container off at your home so that you can conveniently load up your belongings at a pace that works best for you. They’ll be ground-level, so you won’t have to worry about breaking your back or slipping on ice, trying to haul them up onto the high bed of the truck.

Whenever you have everything packed up and ready to go, give us a call and we’ll pick up the container and move it to your next destination. Sound too easy? Let us assure you that it’s actually that simple! We even carry packing supplies, such as moving blankets, strapping systems, and padlocks, so you can rest easy knowing your items are safe and secure, no matter what.

Bad Weather Messing Things Up?

If winter storms and icy weather are putting a halt on your schedule, don’t sweat it. We understand that sometimes things happen that are simply out of your control! If pick-up or drop-off times need to be rearranged, we will be happy to accommodate to the best of our ability. We always strive to remain as flexible as possible for our customer base, because we feel that you all deserve just that!

Just give us a call, and we’ll work around your schedule to figure out a new plan that works best for everyone. We’re happy to help out however we can!

Convenience That Can’t Be Beat

As you can tell, working with us will make your entire move a whole lot more convenient, so you’re not left stressing out this winter season. And to make things even better, we offer our services at affordable rates, so you won’t break the bank trying to get everything switched over. We’ll even match any competitor’s rate and beat it by 5%! After all that holiday spending, that’s a deal you won’t want to pass up!

If you’re ready to work with us, give our qualified and professional staff a call today. You won’t regret relying on us!

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