Moving Truck Vs. Portable Storage

Moving Truck Vs. Portable Storage Image - Nashville TN - Mobile AtticAre you making arrangements for an upcoming move? Between packing boxes, loading up furniture, and trying to stay organized throughout the entire process, you are likely facing quite a bit of stress. Every move brings about its own challenges and, no matter how well you plan everything out, things always seem to get hectic.

One way to make any move easier is by choosing portable storage over a moving truck. Both options will get your belongings from one spot to another, but moving trucks tend to add more chaos, leaving you and loved ones feeling frazzled. Check out some benefits you will gain by renting a portable storage unit instead of hiring a moving truck.

More Flexibility

When you hire a moving truck, you do not have a lot of viable options, as far as long-term storage. This means having to load and unload all of your belongings within a specific time frame. While this is doable, it certainly is not ideal. Being rushed often leads to disorganization and things may get broken or damaged due to hasty loading.

With portable storage you can rest easy knowing that you have flexible options when it comes to timing. The units are simply dropped at your house and you can load and arrange your belongings at your convenience. This also leaves you with more options if time frames need to be adjusted, should something unexpected come up.

Easier To Load

Moving trucks are high off the ground, making them challenging to load. Refrigerators, furniture, and other heavy pieces need to be maneuvered up a ramp, which is awkward to do and could cause seriously injury if things start to go wrong. This also opens the door to back and muscle pains as boxes and other items need to be lifted up high.

Portable storage units are place on the ground, so all you need to do is simply carry your items in and place them down. This greatly reduces the risk of hospital or doctor visits and leaves you feeling less sore at the end of the day. It also makes it easier to rearrange items, if need be, and everything is sure to go a lot quicker and smoother.

Heightened Security

When it comes to transporting your precious belongings, it is hard to find an option you can fully trust. Too often, people are taken advantage of during this already stressful time, so ensuring that everything is in the best hands possible is important.

With portable storage, you have the key to your specific unit, meaning no one else will be able to access your items without your consent. On top of this, the durable material these units are made of ensure that no bad weather or other potential threat will be able to cause harm to your various possessions.

If you are in need of moving supplies, portable storage units, or have any questions regarding your upcoming move, The Mobile Attic will be happy to assist you. We are a reliable business that you can trust with all of your moving-related needs. Give us a call today!