Need Moving Services For More Than A Few Days?

Extra Days Moving Service Image - Nashville TN - Mobile AtticIf you plan to move in the near future, but cannot seem to work your schedule around a two or three day time frame, then consider The Mobile Attic for your storage and moving needs! There are countless advantages to renting a portable storage unit from us, and we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch service and high-quality products. Learn more about how we can work with your schedule below, and be sure to check out our many other benefits, as well!

Get The Time You Deserve

Whether you are moving to a new home, relocating your business, planning for a big event, renovating your home, or trying to find a way to work around any major life event, The Mobile Attic is here to help. Times like these are stressful and things rarely go according to schedule. We get that life will likely throw you a few curves, which is why we remain as flexible as possible with whatever you have going on!

The great part about investing in portable storage is that you can rent a unit, then keep it for as long as you would like. We can deliver the storage container wherever you need us to, whether it is a home, business, or other location. Once that’s done, it remains there for as long as you need it. It’s that simple! When you are through with it, give us a call, and we will move it to the next needed location.

Feel Secure

Moving personal property is never a fun ordeal. There seems to be a constant worry about things breaking or going missing. With portable storage you can feel secure knowing your items will stay out of harm’s way. The unit can be placed on your personal property and you will have the key to it. You can’t get safer than that!

On top of this, The Mobile Attic provides containers that are known for their durability and strength. No bad weather or curious critters will find their way in! Our units are made with products such as steel, aluminum, and fiberglass, so nothing is busting through them anytime soon. You deserve to feel at ease while your possessions are stashed away, which is why investing with us is the right choice.

Other Benefits

On top of our flexible time frames and ensured security, we pride ourselves on affordability and customer satisfaction. People continue to turn to us, time and time again, because we continuously provide great services at a rate you can afford. We also have a wide variety of accessories and strapping systems, guaranteeing a secure and steady move for all of your belongings.

Check us out online and feel free to call with any questions you may be facing. We look forward to helping you with all of your storage and moving needs!