What Not To Store In Portable Storage

Portable storage units are great to use for many different occasions. Whether you are moving, remodeling, throwing a large event, or are just simply running out of space, renting a unit is a great way to save yourself time and hassle. With portable Portable Storage Isn't For Everything - Nashville, TN- Mobile Attic-w800-h800storage, the unit is simply dropped at your home and you can load it or unload it at your convenience. This makes them easy to organize and you can easily get to your possessions at any time. If you need to move it at any time, the company will transport your unit to the desired location. On top of all this, you hold the sole key to the unit, ensuring that your possessions are safe.

If you chose portable storage for your needs, then you made the right decision. Yet, there are always things that are unsafe to store and could put you, your family, and your possessions at risk. When utilizing a portable storage unit, be sure to keep the following items out.

Expensive/Cherished Personal Items

If you have something important to you, keeping it in storage is not the best option. Despite the security involved with portable storage units, there is still always the risk of someone accessing your items without your permission. If you have something that is valuable to you, then keep it secured in a home vault and leave it far away from the hands of others.

This applies to confidential records, as well, such as birth certificates, banking information, and social security cards. Especially if you are moving your storage unit in the near future, you should keep these items inside of your home.


Produce, frozen foods, and anything living are all examples of perishable items, and none of these should be kept in portable storage. Plants and animals are both living and breathing things that need regular care and attention. Keeping them in portable storage will be detrimental to their health and it is not a safe option as far as securing them for any amount of time.

Certain food items should not be stored away, as well. Fresh produce, as well as anything frozen, could quickly go bad, leaving you with nasty odors and a big mess. You run the risk of developing mold, as well, which could eventually lead to health problems for those working with or in the unit. Because of this, you should be sure to let your refrigerator dry out for at least a day before storing it away.

Hazardous Materials

There are a variety of hazardous materials that are not safe to store. Some of these include gasoline, car batteries, fireworks, and cleaning supplies. These, as well as many more items, could be explosive, corrosive, or flammable, meaning they would put many people in danger if exposed to the wrong things. Be sure to properly research how these items should best be stored within the home and leave them out of your portable storage unit.

The Mobile Attic has many different portable storage units available, so that you are sure to find what you need, based upon your specific situation. Contact us today!

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