Don’t Put These Things In Your Storage Container

Moving? Renovating? Throwing a big party? All of these are reasons why you may need to invest in portable storage containers sometime soon! There’s no doubt that portable storage is a great way to save yourself time and stress. When you work with The Mobile Attic, we make it easier than ever!

We love working with great people all throughout the Nashville area, and our customers are always great about treating our equipment with the respect and care it deserves. That being said, sometimes we catch wind of people storing items that should be left elsewhere. Learn more about what not to store in your storage container below. Afterwards, contact us today for all of your storage needs!

Perishable Items

Examples of perishable items are any form of produce, all frozen or refrigerated foods, and anything that is living (such as plants and/or animals). All of these should be left out of storage, no matter what. Certain foods will obviously go bad pretty fast if they’re left in improper conditions. Anything that needs cool temperatures should be kept in a cooler or icebox to avoid rot, mold, and bad odors.

As far as plants and animals go, these are things that need care and attention around the clock. Leaving them tucked away in a storage box could be very detrimental to their overall well-being! Keep them out where they can get all of the love, sunlight, and nourishment necessary for staying healthy.

Hazardous Materials

The list of hazardous materials that should left out of storage is a long one, some obvious and some not as much. Some of these include paints, matches, gasoline, bleach, pesticides, and nail polish (that’s right – nail polish and nail polish remover are both on the list). Basically, anything that is “flammable, corrosive, or explosive” should be left out of your storage container. If you’re wondering about a specific item in your possession, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help!

Abiding by the rules when it comes to hazardous materials is always in your best interests. Leaks and spills lead to some pretty dangerous situations that could lead to health issues for loved ones or damages around your property. Handle these items with care, and be sure to research proper storage methods before moving them anywhere else.

Sentimental Items & Sensitive Information

We also advise against keeping anything of extreme value out of your storage container. We take pride in how durable and strong our units are. However, that doesn’t mean things can’t happen that are out of our control. Family heirlooms, legal documents, jewelry, electronics, cash, and similar items are all things we advise against leaving in your storage container.

Count On Us

No matter what major life event you have coming up, the staff at The Mobile Attic wants to help you out. We love being available, affordable, and flexible for the communities we serve. We can’t wait to continue providing the best of the best for many more years to come.

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