Packing Portable Moving Containers

Packing Movable Moving Containers - Nashville, TN - Mobile AtticWhen planning for a big move, homeowners might make the decision to rent a portable moving container to make the process a bit easier. With this option, the people moving can take their time loading and arranging items within the unit and do not have to worry about hauling things up and down a ramp all day. Sizes vary based on the customer’s requirements, so anyone who rents can rest assured that their needs will be met.

Yet, the tricky part often comes about when the loading begins. Knowing the most efficient way to pack so that every space of the unit is used to its fullest advantage is challenging. Then, there’s the task of planning out proper weight distribution. These things, combined with the hundreds of other stresses involved in moving, is enough to make anyone’s head spin.

Consider these components to make your packing process a lot easier allowing you to rest easy knowing that your portable moving container is used as efficiently as possible.

Weight Distribution

When it comes to disbursing weight evenly throughout the unit, it may be hard to come up with a strategy of where to put what. A good tip is to start with the heaviest items, such as refrigerators, washers, or couches. Getting these items in right away will not only cross a big task off of your to-do list, but will also ensure that the unit will remain stable and that items will not slide around throughout the moving process.

Another strategy to consider in terms of weight is to put heavier items and boxes on the bottom. Then, stack increasingly lighter boxes on top until you reach the ceiling of your container. Also, look for ways to balance the weight throughout the unit. If you have an exceptionally heavy item in one corner, try to put something of similar weight in the opposite corner to ensure stability.

Pack Tightly

When packing in boxes and other items, try to pack them tight and close together, leaving little opportunity for them to move around and cause damage. Once the larger and more awkward shaped items are in (such as a chair or dryer), pack boxes around them, using up more space and ensuring that items will not have room to wiggle around. Just do not pack so tightly that your items become smashed or ruined.

Consider using loading straps to secure items, as well. Securing items in such a fashion is just another way to ensure that things stay where you put them and remain safe throughout the moving process. Again, remember to not secure things so tightly that they become damaged. Items can be stabilized without locking the straps as tight as they will go.

The Mobile Attic wants your move to go as efficiently as possible. Call us today if you require any assistance and we will be happy to fill your needs and lighten your load.