How To Protect Furniture During A Move

Are you preparing for a big move? Keeping your valuable possessions safe, secure, and in good condition during these periods of life can be a challenge, which is why we at The Mobile Attic are here to help you out in every way possible. Check out some of our tips for protecting your furniture below, then browse our site to learn about all that we can offer you.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is a great way to stay organized during a move and keep all of your items intact. Measure your furniture and figure out where you want it to go in the moving container. Furthermore, deciding where to put it in your new home or business location is a good idea. This saves you time and ensures your furniture is moved around as little as possible throughout the entire process.

Also, remove items from any dresser or coffee table drawers to lighten the load for whoever’s helping you out. This minimizes the chance of someone dropping your furniture and makes it easier to maneuver it around any doorways, hallways, and staircases.

Prepare Necessary Packing Supplies

There are countless packing accessories that will aid you in keeping your furniture safe from nicks, scratches, and stains. It’s always a good idea to cover any fabric on your chairs or sofas to eliminate any chance of someone spilling on it or getting it dirty throughout the moving process. Save yourself the stress and energy involved with removing stains and spots… invest in furniture covers, and you won’t regret it!

Next? Moving blankets! These come in incredibly handy when trying to avoid scratches and other marks on your wood furniture. Moving blankets have saved many homeowners from damaging their belongings and provides a great shield for any items that you don’t want to see ruined. Avoiding walls and other obstacles isn’t always possible, but you’ll rest easier knowing a few bumps or missteps won’t ruin your more expensive items. The Mobile Attic can provide you with all the moving blankets you’ll need!

We also recommended investing in straps to securely lock down your furniture during the transportation process. When you work with us, we can provide you with e-track straps that hook to rails on the floors and walls of our units. They provide long-lasting durability and you’ll never have to worry about your belongings shifting around and getting scraped up. You deserve peace of mind, and we’re here to give it to you!

Other Precautions

On top of all this, you can help keep your belongings safe by packing strategically. For instance, if your larger, heavier boxes are on the bottom, there’s no chance of them falling onto your furniture and causing damage. On that same note, items with sharp edges or pointy fixtures should be kept at a safe distance to avoid holes and scratches.

We want to provide you with all of the information necessary to help your move go as smoothly as possible. Make the right choice and trust in us for all of your storage and moving needs – we can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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