Steps To Take Before Moving

First things first, do some research and make a plan. Decide what tasks you’d like to hire out formarried couple packing boxes and which tasks you’d like to handle yourself. If you have the time to spare, take a few weeks to book necessary services, research your new town/location, visit new schools if you have children, and map out your budget.

It’s also smart to start planning out what you are going to pack and when. This will help you box up as much stuff as you can ahead of time, so you’re not left with an entire household to pack within a few days. You might also consider selling or donating items you won’t need at your new location.

Invest In Packing Supplies

Now, obviously you’ll need lots of boxes and containers, but don’t forget that there’s other things you’ll need, too! For instance, moving blankets, pad locks for moving containers, and straps for holding down your belongings are all a must. Fortunately, The Mobile Attic has it all! Our units even come with an e-track system, so you can easily strap your items down, making it a safer and easier move all around.

Getting Closer…

As you get closer to your moving day, start cleaning the house and packing up your essential items. You’ll also want to get your mailing address changed and ensure all necessary institutions are notified of this change. Now is the time to switch your utilities, as well, and schedule a home inspection to ensure everything is good to go before heading out.

Once everything is cleaned, packed up, and ready to go, it’s time to say good-bye to your old property! Take inventory, do a final look-through to ensure you’ve got everything, hand over your keys, then move forward into your new life journey. Congrats – you did it!

Ready To Get Started?

If you’re at the point where you have stuff packed up and you’re ready to get it out of the way until the move, invest in one of our containers now! We can deliver it directly to your property, so you can gradually put your belongings in, as needed. We offer month-to-month financing, so you don’t need to stress about meeting any certain timelines. Just let us know when you’re ready for us to pick up your unit, and we’ll set something up! When The Mobile Attic is on your side, moving becomes easier than ever.