Storage & Organization Ideas For Your Home

Sick of the clutter throughout your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and more? Feeling like you can’t move freely in your own home can be really frustrating and it definitely makes it harder to relax at the end of a long day. Fortunately, we have some ideas for you that may free up some space.

Multi-Functional FurnitureFamily Moving with the help of The Mobile Attic - Nashville TN - The Mobile Attic

Most types of furniture can be transformed to both help with storage and save on space. For instance, an ottoman can store blankets and pillows, while also serving the function of a footrest or extra seat. The space under your bed can also easily stash storage containers or drawers on wheels, in which you can keep your clothing or shoes. You’ll be amazed at how much space you can open up with these few hacks!

The same can be done in your kitchen with a rolling cart or portable island. Put it to the side and use it for extra counter space, when needed, or you can store pots, pans, and dishes in and on top of it. If you need a table or some extra space for guests, you can use it then as well! Just throw a few stools next to it, and you’ve got the perfect spot to dine.

Think Outside The Box

Cube storage, extra shelving, rolling carts, magazine holders, old baskets, and even shower curtain holders can be repurposed into affordable storage solutions. People have used magazine holders to stash things like remotes, wallets, tupperware, and more, and you can easily turn shower curtain hooks in a place to hang handbags or jackets. The possibilities are truly endless, so look around and see what you can do to switch things up and get organized.

Some other ideas to explore would be turning a cube storage unit into a shoe rack, using ice cube trays to hold jewelry, stashing toothbrushes and make-up brushes in mason jars, and more. Do some research, try looking at your items differently, and get those creative juices flowing!

Garage Organization

When it comes to organizing the home, the garage is often put on the backburner or simply used as a space to store everything you don’t know what to do with. Take a long weekend to make this space a priority. A little work can clear up significant room, and you’ll likely be able to move some indoor items into your newly organized space, as well.

Group things together (like kids’ toys, tools, car parts, etc.), then make the most of your wall space by hanging shelves and storage cabinets. There’s a good chance you’ll find a lot of things you could sell, donate, or simply throw away throughout the process, as well. It will definitely take some time, but in the end, you’ll be glad to have it done!

Still Need Space?

Have you tried every organizing trick in the book, but still need space for your stuff? No problem – that’s what we’re here for! The Mobile Attic is all about providing you with storage solutions that work for you. Call today and we can discuss our different container sizes, along with options for off-site storage. We’re here to make your life easier – reach out now!