Summer Moving Tips

If you’re moving this summer, you likely have a long to-do list planned for the next few months. We are here to provide some tips for packing and staying on top of it all! Check them out below, then learn more about how The Mobile Attic can help you out with your next move!

Staying Ahead Of The Game

Summer is the most popular moving time. This means you’ll want to be sure you book a moving company well in advance. Slots fill up fast, so getting this step checked off your list early is the way to go! Not only will it be one more task done, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t need to scramble to find services at the last minute.

On that same note, you’ll want to start packing as much stuff as you can early on. Closets, back rooms, and other areas that see little use are always good places to start. You likely won’t need items in these locations for quite some time. So, having them stashed away early won’t be a problem. In addition, you will have part of your packing already done!

This will also give you the chance to look through your home and find anything you may want to sell or donate before leaving. Getting rid of anything you don’t need will make your entire move a lot less stressful. Also, you’ll be happy you did it when the time comes to unpack everything.

Do Some Research

Make sure you look into all of the companies you’ll need to be in contact with before your move is over. Hiring a moving company is obviously a priority, but it’s a good idea to check out places that offer dumpster rentals, carpet cleaning, big appliance removal, and similar services, as well. You’ll also want to take some time to compare quotes between companies and look at their individual policies. Find a place that works best for your specific needs and that you can afford. Moving is stressful and getting these things out of the way ahead of time will help keep you sane as big day gets closer and closer.

Be Prepared!

When you move in the summer, temperatures will likely be high. This means that you, the movers, and anyone else who comes to help will be sweating! Stay stocked on water and snacks, so that everyone has the energy to keep going all day long. Also, make sure any items you’ll need immediate access to are close by at all times. Some of these may include toilet paper, kitchen utensils, paper plates, a flashlight, and more – make a list ahead of time, so you are ready to go no matter what!

Hire The Mobile Attic

There’s no doubt it – if you’re looking for a company that is affordable, hard-working, dependable, and takes your satisfaction seriously, then The Mobile Attic is the place to turn! Count on us today – you won’t regret it!