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Hiring Us Vs. A Moving Company

So, you’ve bought a new home, and you’re planning a big move in the near future. There’s a lot to get done before the process even begins, as you schedule moving companies, pack up your belongings, and make a thousand other steps preparing for the weeks ahead. One big question you’ll have to face is whether you want to hire a moving van or invest in portable storage. Well, we’re here to make the decision easy – work with us! It’s a choice you won’t regret.

We Offer Easier & More Convenient Loading

Loading up a moving truck can be a lot of work, especially as you try to lift heavy boxes and bigger pieces of furniture onto the bed. Even with a ramp, that’s a lot of pushing, pulling, and heaving! We take a step of out of the loading process by setting our units at ground level. All you need to do is walk your items inside, set them down, and you’re all set!

You can also load your items in a time frame that works better for your schedule. Typically, moving trucks put time restrictions on when the truck must be returned to the facility. The more days you have it, the more money you’ll be shelling out, which means packing up everything on their time schedule! We offer convenient month-by-month financing, so once you have the unit, it’s yours until you need us to pick it up.

Take your time, and don’t worry about unexpected life events that always tend to pop up. We strive to take the stress out of the moving process!

We’re More Cost-Effective

Because you can rent one month at a time, storage units are typically more cost-effective. Along with this, we won’t force you to invest in one standard size, like many moving companies do. Based on how much you need to pack, you can choose from a variety of size options, so you’re not paying for space that you don’t even need.

And, since The Mobile Attic always goes above and beyond, why not knock 5% off the price while you’re at it? If you find a competitor’s rate that is cheaper than ours, we’ll meet it and lower it by 5%. That’s affordability you simply cannot turn down!

Enhanced Security & Safer Delivery

It’s normal to worry about your items throughout the transit process. All too often, things go missing or end up broken, and this makes the experience even more of a hassle than it was to begin with. Well, The Mobile Attic takes your security seriously, which is why our units are built with only the strongest materials around. Bad weather and theft won’t be something you have to stress about, and we sell padlocks, so you items stay locked up tight no matter what.

Our lifting systems are also designed to lift your storage unit carefully and gently, keeping everything in place and steady the whole time. Along with this, we offer a top-notch strapping system that allow you to lock your items in tightly. And be sure to ask us about our moving blankets, too!

It’s an easy choice to make. Call on The Mobile Attic today!

Portable Storage vs. Storage Units

If it’s time to invest in some storage for your home, you may need some help deciding which options work best for you. Portable storage containers are becoming a popular pick for many. Homeowners everywhere are seeing the many benefits gained by investing in these units, and we here at The Mobile Attic think they’re a great option, as well!

Before you invest in a stationary, self-storage unit, take some time to learn about more about portable storage containers. You may discover they are the perfect option for you!

We Bring The Storage Units To You

Self-storage units can add a lot of time and stress to your schedule. You likely have to take multiple trips back and forth from the facility itself and, once they’ve closed down for the day, you won’t have access to your belongings until they reopen. On top of that, all that hauling, lifting, loading, and unloading can take its toll on your muscles and joints!

With portable storage, we deliver the unit directly to your home or business. No more packing up your vehicle over and over again… Simply take your items out of your home and place them into the unit, just a short walk away. And when you’re all finished, we can pick up the unit and deliver it wherever you’d like!

On top of this, there’s less risk of injury with mobile units’ ground level storing options. Simply walk your furniture, appliances, and heavy boxes into the container with ease, then place them down. No lifting, no ramps, and no back-breaking work!

Gain Convenience And Security Today!

Another benefit of mobile storage is the convenience customers gain. With self-storage, all your items are miles away. Accessing your belongings could take all afternoon and it quickly becomes an ordeal as you make sure you’re getting everything you may need. And if something gets left behind, you have to do the whole thing all over again!

Portable storage offers a more convenient way to store. You can keep the units directly on your property so all of your belongings are right in your yard! Simply walk to the unit, unlock your secure padlock, and take out whatever you need. If you find more items to store a few hours later, no problem! Walk them into your unit and get them out of the way for as long as you need.

Portable storage units also offer unbeatable security – especially when you work with The Mobile Attic. Our specific containers are made from some of the strongest materials available, so your belongings will never be left vulnerable. And they’re also designed to ensure your property stays free from damage. To top it off, we sell padlocks, too! Make us your one-stop shop for everything.

Call Us Today

It doesn’t matter if you are moving, renovating, planning an event, hosting long-term guests, or simply just need to de-clutter your living space. Portable storage is a great option and is often a better alternative to renting a storage unit away from your home.

At The Mobile Attic, we can help you out. Consider us today for all of your storage and moving needs!