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Relocating In 2017? Hire The Mobile Attic!

With 2016 behind us, it is time to start fresh and explore the possibilities for the year ahead. If you are expecting a promotion, looking to change careers, or are re-locating for your current job, then a move may be in your future before you know it! If you find yourself packing up and shipping out in 2017, then turn to us for all of your moving needs!

Why We Are Better

If you are considering renting from a bigger, chain store (such as PODS), we strongly encourage you to reconsider. While PODS offers services nationwide, you are sure to find yourself disappointed with their lack of flexibility, hidden fees, and impersonal customer service.

The staff at The Mobile Attic understands how stressful moving can be! That is why we aim to work with you on every level, accommodating your specific needs as much as possible. You will find our units stronger and more reliable than PODS, our prices more affordable, and our service much more customer focused. Have any last minute changes? No problem! The Mobile Attic is here to work with you, no matter what.

Choose us, and you won’t regret it!

Don’t Forget The Extras!

On top of providing you with durable containers, we also provide all of the packing supplies necessary for a safe and efficient move. The last thing anyone needs during a move is added expenses! We want to ensure your belongings get to your new location in the same condition they left in. Don’t stress out! Turn to The Mobile Attic, so you can rest easy knowing your possessions are in good hands.

Worried about your boxes and various valuables moving around or toppling over? Worry no longer with our E-Track straps, designed to keep your belongings secure and in place the entire time.

Looking to avoid scratches and other damage? Our thickly padded moving blankets will protect your furniture and other belongings with ease.

Need to keep your items secure while they are being stored? We have padlocks that are known for their dependability and hard to crack systems.

They are disc padlocks, making a potential break-ins much more difficult.

We Offer Free Quotes

If you are ready to see all that we can offer you, visit our website today or give us call for a free quote! You will find that The Mobile Attic always provides a more affordable option… We will match any competitor’s rate and beat it by 5%! On top of that, we have no hidden fees. We quote everything up front, so you will never be hit with an unexpected bill.

Please contact us with any additional questions and to start scheduling our services! We want to make your 2017 the best it can be. Call on us today!

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Why Choose The Mobile Attic Over PODS?

Mobile Attic Over PODS Image - Nashville TN - Mobile AtticWhen it comes to portable storage, there are a lot of options out there. PODS is a well-known storage company, with services that extend throughout the nation.
So, why choose us over them? Despite their reputation, we outdo them in countless categories, including prices, dependability, and overall customer satisfaction.

Check out some comparisons below!

Prices & Discounts

Like PODS, we offer month-to-month contracts, and have basic fees for delivery and pick-up services. What is different about The Mobile Attic is our upfront attitude and our guarantee for the lowest prices around. We offer to beat any competitors’ price by 5%! Show us a copy of their quote, and our staff will get to work, getting you the low price you deserve.

It is not rare for PODS customers to discover hidden fees along the way, leaving them with a final bill that was much higher than anticipated. We pride ourselves in being honest and upfront, so you know what to expect throughout the entire moving process. The last thing anyone needs at the end of a stressful move is extra charges tacked on anywhere, and we understand the value of your time and money.

We also offer various discounts that the bigger chains, like PODS, neglect to do. You get rate reductions for being a new customer and for any referrals, as well! On top of everything, if you need to cancel your order with us, there are no fees or charges. You can’t beat that!

Durability & Protection

While we may not have a big warehouse like PODS, we beat them out in everything else when it comes to ensuring your protection. Our rolling doors have lock protection and our units are built using the best materials out there, such as fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. We also have security cameras, security lights, and a chained-linked barbwire fence surrounding the property. We do everything we can to keep your belongings secure.

On top of this extensive protection, you will not have to worry about bad weather ruining your belongings when you invest in our units. PODS is seriously lacking when it comes to fighting off cold weather, humidity, and damage from the sun’s harmful rays. Our products are built to last, allowing you the peace of mind you deserve.

Convenience & Flexibility

When it comes to local customer service and convenience, we have PODS beat in various categories. We are flexible, meaning we will work with your schedule and place the unit in an area that is most convenient for you. You do not need to be present for the delivery of your unit and it can be placed on a wide array of surfaces.

As you can see, we work hard to excel in every category! We beat out PODS in nearly every way, making us the only option when it comes to having a stress-free move. Give us a call today and let us set you up right!

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