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Make Your Next Move Easy With A Portable Storage Unit

Are you looking for an affordable and stress free way to pack up and move your belongings? Well, we think we can help you out! Making a big transition is always going to be a tiresome process, but it doesn’t have to take up all your energy. Work with the professional staff at The Mobile Attic and get through your next move with ease!

Pros Of Portable Storage

Make Your Next Move Easy With a Portable Storage Unit - Nashville, TN - Mobile AtticSo, why is portable storage growing so much in popularity? Because it makes storing and moving your belongings a breeze! Dealing with a moving truck involves heavy lifting, backbreaking work, and you are typically forced to use it within a short period of time, causing your stress levels to skyrocket. Not to mention, if something comes up or your plans unexpectedly change, you are left with even more problems to face!

Portable storage units take away all of the hassle and let you move things out at your own pace. We deliver the unit and it is yours to keep until you no longer need it. Move your items in at your convenience and call us up afterwards. We will find the best time to pick it up, and then we will deliver it to your desired location.

Worried about sore limbs or back pain? That shouldn’t be an issue when you rent from us. Since our units are set at ground level, you won’t have to deal with hauling items up ramps or lifting them onto tall moving trucks. Just walk your furniture, boxes, and other belonging into the unit, set them down, and you are good to go!

Need some extra time? No problem! We understand that life happens, and sometimes you need to rearrange your timeline a bit. Our month-by-month renting options make it easy for you to extend your contract, allowing you that extra time you need to get by. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and professional attitude, and we try to be as accommodating as we can to all of our loyal customers.

Why Our Units Are Better

We’re aware that we’re not the only place around that rents out moving containers. However, we think you’re making the best choice by working with us! Why? Our units are built to withstand all types of weather and, with their durable walls and metal doors, we highly doubt anyone will break into them anytime soon. We offer protection you simply cannot get anywhere else, and our units come with E-tracks, too, so you’re items can be safely latched down throughout the transit process.

Call Us Today

If you’re planning a move, then the time to call us is now. We offer unbeatable customer service, and our long list of extra tools and packing accessories will ensure you have everything you need to make it through your next move smoothly. In addition to our highly affordable rates, we match our competitors’ prices and beat them by 5%!

Learn more on our website and check out our dumpster rentals, too! We have everything you need… we can’t wait to hear from you soon!

No Long Leases – Rent From Us!

When it comes to storage options, finding a good deal isn’t always easy. You need a business you can trust, that will still allow you the flexibility and convenience you’re looking for – and they need to fit your budget, too! It seems like the perfect place is non-existent, right? Wrong! The Mobile Attic strives for customer satisfaction above everything else, which is why so many people are choosing us for all of their storage needs!

Month-By-Month Renting

There are countless reasons why someone may need short-term storage. Maybe you have house guests for a few weeks and need some space… or you might be hosting a big event that requires some more floor room. Often, people will use storage when they are doing a home renovation project, or maybe you’re simply in between homes or relocating to a new business space.

Whatever the situation, you need some storage options! Unfortunately, many places require you to secure their units for an extended period of time before going month-to-month. You wind up paying a lot more for a storage unit or container that you aren’t even using! It doesn’t seem like a good option at all, and at The Mobile Attic we recognize that.

Since short-term renting is such a prevalent need, we decided that month-by-month renting would be the most beneficial option for our outstanding customers. Simply rent a unit, use it for as long as you need, then call us to pick it up! And if you need it longer than expected, that’s not a problem, either. We get that life happens, and we’ll do everything possible to work with your schedule, no matter what pops up along the way.

Added Convenience

Another perk of renting from us is our ability to leave our units at your home. Many times, when people need storage for only a month or two, they would prefer to have their belongings close. This allows easy access to anything you may need and, if you need to add anything else at the last minute, the unit is only a short walk away.

Not to mention, it makes loading and unloading a breeze! Nothing is worse that driving furniture, shelves, and other belongings miles away, only to have to haul them back a short while later. Talk about a lot of work! Not to mention, all the gas money wasted… and your vehicle faces extra wear and tear, too!

Eliminate all that stress and hassle by working with us. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

…And That’s Not All!

On top of our storage units, we offer moving options and dumpster units, too! We are truly your one-stop shop for it all. Waste no more time calling multiple companies for services that you can get from one place. And we make it easier than ever! If you need a dumpster along with your storage or moving container, we can bring them both at the same time – so easy!

Not to mention, we offer various sizes and accessories, so you are covered no matter what. And you won’t find containers as durable as ours anywhere else. Give us a call today to learn more!