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What’s Safe To Store In The Winter?

Oftentimes, with a new year comes some new inspiration. For many, this means going through drawers, closets, and cupboards to clear out all that old stuff you rarely use. What do you do with the stuff you want to hang onto? If you have a lot of things that you want to keep, but don’t often use, then explore our storage options! The team at The Mobile Attic would be happy to help you every step of the way.

Not sure where to start or what’s safe to store in cooler weather? We’ve got some guidelines below, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Holiday Decorwoman loading truck

Once Christmas has officially come and gone, most homeowners find themselves anxious to tear down decor and replace it with something else. But where can all this stuff be stashed? Why not put it in a storage unit?

Holiday decor is safe to store in cooler temperatures. By locking these items away in an outside storage facility, you save yourself space throughout your attic, basement, and garage. There’s also less risk of any breakable items becoming damaged throughout the year.

This is also ideal because Christmas decorations are only used for around 4-6 weeks out of the entire year. Why use up valuable space, when you could be using these areas of your home for things you use on a regular basis? Trust us – these items are ones you’ll be happy to have out of your home.

Warm Weather Clothing

Is your closet jam-packed with tank-tops, sundresses, sandals, and all kinds of other clothing items meant for fairer weather? There’s no point in having these take up a bunch of extra space when they are only put to use half the year. Instead, store them in your secure storage container. You’ll be amazed at how much room you can make. Plus, it will give you a good excuse to go shopping for some great new items.

Some tips for clothes storage include rolling the items to avoid creases, using sturdy hangers that won’t discolor clothing, and investing in good fabric bags, rather than the cheaper plastic ones. Also, be sure to label everything! This is one step that could save you a lot of hassle when digging through later.

Lawn Mowers, Weed Wackers, & Other Outdoor Equipment

Winter weather and heavy snowfall mean trading out the lawnmower for the snowblower and the weedwhacker for a shovel. Many wonder what the safest way to store a lawnmower is, and we’re here to help. Some good tips to follow include: emptying the gas tank, replacing your old oil with fresh oil, replacing the spark plug, removing the blades, cleaning the undercarriage, and changing the air filter.

It’s also wise to keep any gardening supplies together and stored away, so you know exactly where to find it come spring. Rather than digging through your garage looking for gloves, shovels, and hoes, you can simply grab all of this stuff when picking up your lawnmower and other equipment. With one easy trip, you can be ready to care for the lawn again.

What NOT To Store

While there are a lot of things that can easily be stored in colder weather, there are also many things that should never be left to the elements. These are a few of the more common things people have tried to store in the winter, only to be frustrated with the end results.

Canned/jarred foods: If you have canned goods or fruits and veggies stored in airtight jars, it is highly recommended to keep them stored away in a pantry or cupboard, rather than a storage unit that could face a wide range of temperature fluctuations. Freezing days could cause the seals to pop and your food to spoil.

Electronics: Laptops, televisions, phones, and anything else in this category should always be kept in a temperature-controlled area, as extra cold weather can permanently damage the hardware.

Leather furniture: Leather is very sensitive to cold weather, and by putting leather chairs, couches, ottomans, and the like into your storage unit you run the risk of them cracking and becoming damaged.

Paint: When left in extreme colds, paints will separate and spoil, making them unusable down the line. You’re much better off keeping any paint in a closet or basement area – and be sure to label it!

Need Some Help?

Not sure where to start when it comes to keeping your items safely stored away year-round? Depend on The Mobile Attic for it all! We’ll make it easy for you. We can deliver one of our containers to your home and let you fill it. Then, we drive it back. You can chose from different size options as well, so you aren’t left paying for more than you need. Our team is happy to do everything we can to work with your busy schedule.

Ready to get started? Reach out now. We’re eager to work with you soon!

Moving In The Winter: Tips & Benefits

Considering a move this winter? We can help you out. Work with The Mobile Attic for all of your storage, moving, and dumpster rental needs.

Benefits Of Wintertime Moving

So, why would someone move in the winter as opposed to any other time of year? Well, since packing and hauling belongings inmoving boxes in snow the snow is less than ideal, there won’t be many other people doing it. This means discussing dates with your moving company will go a lot smoother, and you’ll be much more likely to book specific days that work better with your schedule.

Along with this, you will often find that rates go down since, again, it is not a busy season. Worried about things overheating? Not in the wintertime. There are lots of good reasons to move this time of year, so consider taking the plunge. The Mobile Attic will be here to help you out every step of the way.

Tips For The Process

So, what would make moving in the cold and ice easier? First of all, keep an eye on the weather and remain flexible on your dates. The weather could turn ugly at the last minute, leaving you stuck for another day or two before being able to trek to your new home. Stay on top of it, and don’t risk driving in bad conditions.

There is nothing that beats that convenience of having a portable storage unit on your property that you can pack as you go, and they are especially beneficial in the winter due to their ground-level loading. No icy ramps to get up, and no hauling heavy furniture up into a big moving fan. Just walk your items in and set them down. It is easier than ever, and The Mobile Attic can provide you with the perfect container for your needs.

That being said, it is still important to clear your driveways and walkways and put sand or salt down to give you the traction you need. These steps will great minimize the risk of falling down and getting hurt. After all, the last thing anyone needs during a move is a trip to the hospital!

Do you have items that might be sensitive to colder weather? Take special precautions with these and get everything prepared ahead of time, so that you are not making accommodations on moving day. When it comes to moving efficiently, staying ahead of the game as much as possible can make a huge difference.

Finally, make sure your friends, family, and anyone else helping you out can easily warm up whenever necessary. Invest in space heaters and have some hot chocolate, coffee, or warm cider ready to drink whenever someone needs a break. It will give your workers that warm boost they need to get through the rest of the day!

Let Us Take Care Of You

The Mobile Attic will be happy to have your back throughout your next move. From moving containers to secure moving straps to dumpster rentals and more, we have everything you need to ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible. Contact us today for more information!

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