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Reduce Risk Of Injuries With Portable Storage

There are countless reasons to use portable storage units. The most obvious reason a person may need them is if they are moving. Their convenience and security make them a great choice for hosting possessions throughout any move. They are also great to utilize when extra space is needed throughout the home, whether you are remodeling, hosting an event, or are having extra guests stay for an extended period of time.Reduce Risk Of Injuries With Portable Storage - Nashville TN - The Mobile Attic

A main concern during times when storage is needed is the wear and tear hauling countless boxes and furniture puts on a person’s body. If one gets injured throughout this process, it slows everything down, meaning time frames will need to be adjusted or extended. This is a major reason why portable storage units are the best option throughout these times of life, as they help to reduce the risk of injury.

Floor Level

Portable storage units are floor level making them easy to load and unload. No ramps are needed and you are given the ability to simply carry your items into the unit and set them down. When working with a moving truck, there is always the risk of falling or dropping an item off of the truck, which greatly increases the risk of obtaining injury.

This is also means no lifting heavy items up to another height. You can wheel or slide items right into the unit, without having to strain your back or leg muscles. For anyone with a bad back, this could make a moving experience much easier and reduce significant amounts of stress. By renting a portable storage unit, there is no need to worry about awkward maneuvering or putting extra pressure on your limbs.

Easy Access

Using portable storage means easy access to your items, which helps in preventing damage and injury, as well. The unit itself is easily stored in your yard or driveway, meaning you simply can walk to your front yard and find any belonging that you are in need of. This means no extra driving and you will not need to load or unload items from your vehicle.

Easy access also means a lowered risk of items breaking or falling on top of someone. Portable storage offers the freedom and convenience to rearrange your possessions as needed, until they are in the prime position for moving. Having to rearrange items after already putting them in a moving truck is dangerous and requires a lot of extra work. Ease your stress by investing in portable storage.

At The Mobile Attic we have a wide variety of storage units available in many different styles and sizes. If you need portable storage in the near future, give us a call right away to set one aside! We also have many different tools and accessories that will make any move a lot easier. Check out our website and feel free to contact us with any questions. Our experts look forward to helping you with any of your storage needs!

Benefits of Moving With Portable Storage

Moving to a new home can be very stressful. Between packing up boxes, hauling furniture, and sorting through all of the extra and unexpected costs involved, things can quickly get chaotic. This leaves everyone involved feeling anxious and edgy, which does not help in making things go smoothly. Perks of Moving With Portable Storage-Nashville, TN- Mobile Attic -w800-h800

Reduce tension by investing in portable storage throughout your moving process. Portable storage units make moving much easier and the convenience they bring is sure to reduce stress all around.

Check out their many benefits below:

  •  Easy To Load: Portable storage units are dropped off at ground level, meaning no ramps or lifting is needed. You simply walk the boxes and furniture into the unit and set them wherever you choose. This also allows for more organization, meaning easy access is granted if you need to get to something that you have already packed up.
  •  Added Security: When the storage units are dropped off at your home, you are left with the only key, meaning your items are safe and securely locked away. Whoever holds the key has sole access to the unit and the possessions within it. You can easily load up part of it one day, lock away your belongings for the night, and then finish loading when you are well-rested.
  •  Durability: If you rent a portable storage unit, you can rest assured that your items will remain protected and dry throughout almost any type of weather. Penetrating them from the outside is nearly impossible and any rain, snow, hail, or crazy weather pattern that comes your way will have no luck in ruining your belongings.
  •  Variety Of Options: When it comes to picking out portable storage, you can choose from a wide variety of different size options. You can invest in either a larger model or a smaller one, depending on your specific needs. This means you will not need to waste time worrying about not having enough space or stressing over paying too much for something large that you end up not using.
  •  Easy To Move: When the time comes to move your items to your new home, transporting them is made very easy with portable storage. The unit is simply lifted, loaded, and ready to go. The unit is lifted with special equipment that reduces movement, meaning your items stay safe and secure throughout the entire process. When you get to your new location, the container is simply put back on the ground, so that you can easily unload your items into your new home, at your convenience.

The Mobile Attic has all of the tools you need to make your move easy and stress-free. Give us a call today at 615-297-4558 to hear what we have available, as far as fulfilling your storage needs. We also have a variety of tools and equipment that can be utilized to keep your possessions safe and your mind worry-free throughout your entire moving process.

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