Tips For Moving In The Rain

So, moving day has arrived, and you find yourself in the middle of a huge downpour. Less than ideal, right? Well, never fear, because with these great tips, you will be able to get your stuff out the door and into your new home, no matter how rainy it is Raindrops on a window surfaceoutside.

Hoping to switch days around due to the bad weather? If you’ve booked a time with The Mobile Attic, contact us as soon as you can, and we can see about making different accommodations. All in all, our team is here to make your move simpler, safer, and as stress-free as possible. Work with us today!

Stock Up On Garbage Bags

Garbage bags provide a quick, easy, and effective cover for all kinds of goods. If you have important documents, sentimental papers and journals, or a bunch of books you need to transport, considering wrapping them in garbage bags before putting them inside of a box or container.

Garbage bags are also great for clothes you have hanging up. Just cut in hole in the top of the bag for the hangers, then slip it over multiple clothing items at a time. From big to small, garbage bags make an excellent waterproof cover when you find yourself in a pinch.

Wait For Lulls

If you aren’t on too strict of a schedule, wait until the rains die down a bit before hauling your belongings through it. Or, if you are in a hurry, move less sensitive items during the downpour and hold off on the other stuff in hopes that the weather improves by the time you get to them. With a little luck, you’ll be able to keep your schedule and get your belongings safely transported.

Avoid Slipping

Hauling boxes and furniture is hard enough on the body without adding a slip or fall to the mix. Water on the ground can make your surfaces slippery, so put down sheets and cardboard, so that people don’t trip up while going in and out of the house.

Along with this, putting down sheets and protective covers will also protect the home from muddy footprints or excess water.

Keep A Towel Handy

As you move things, dry them off, so that they have as little exposure to moisture as possible. It doesn’t take long for rain to damage furniture, so the quicker you can dry off tables, dressers, chairs, and more, the better! Keep some towels handy, so you are ready to dry as soon as the items are out of the rain.

Is Moving Day Still A Ways Off? Plan Ahead With Us!

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a portable storage container for your move, is that you aren’t stuck with tight time restrictions. When you rent a moving van or truck, you get it for a certain period, and that’s that! With our month-to-month financing, you can keep the container on your property for days and days, allowing you to pack whenever it is convenient for you. Pack on the sunny days and leave the rainy days for some indoor fun.

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