Tips For Safer Packing

As you get ready for you next big move, it’s important to ensure your items stay as safe as possible. The team at The Mobile Attic is all about keeping our customer base well-protected and secure, no matter which of our services they use! If you’re ready to rent a portable moving container from us, study up on some of our guidelines to ensure your items stay safe and sound throughout the entire moving process.

Prepare Your Items

Before packing everything up, make sure all of your items – big and small – are adequately protected for the ride. Wood furniture will need to be wrapped up to avoid any knicks or scratches. Your smaller breakable items (such as lamps, plates, and similar things) should be wrapped and well-secured, as well.

Also, keep in mind that any sentimental or expensive jewelry, as well as confidential papers or documents, should all be kept out of the storage container. While the staff at The Mobile Attic does everything possible to keep your items safe and secure, that doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen. We would hate to see you lose something that isn’t easily replaced!

Heavy Items Go In First

Heavier furniture and boxes should always be put in the container first, so that organizing around them is easier. Try to balance the weight out as best as you can. The weight on one side shouldn’t overpower the weight on the other side, so if you have a really heavy item near the back, put an equally heavy item near the front, as well.

Once you have your big and bulky items set in place, you can easily fill in the gaps around them with your smaller items. This ensures that you have enough room for everything, and it keeps your items packed tightly together, so they don’t fumble around and fall in transit.

Invest In Our Packing Supplies

You can’t go wrong when you use the packing supplies provided by our expert team! At The Mobile Attic we have tons of great items that you can use for your moving needs. One of these is our e-track straps. The straps can be hooked up to the floors and walls of our storage units. These make it easier than ever to secure your boxes and other items, so you won’t have to worry while we’re driving to your new location.

We also have padlocks and moving blankets available! Blankets ensure your furniture and other bigger items stay protected. Once they’re all packed away, you can secure your entire unit with our reliable padlocks. You deserve peace of mind throughout your moving process. When you work The Mobile Attic, we’re determined to give you just that!

If you’re ready to invest in us, then contact our staff right away. We can’t wait to help you make your next move as stress-free as possible – call now!