What Not to Store in Portable Storage

Portable storage units are a great way to save time and space during hectic periods of life. Whether you are moving, planning for the holidays, or hosting a large event, there is always a way that portable storage can make your life easier.

Yet, there are a few things to consider when deciding what should go into storage and what should not. Many times businesses set restrictions as to what can NOT be stored. These are set in place to keep the units and the people renting them safe from harm.

The following are not allowed in portable storage. Keep these things in mind when making plans as to what you are going to store and what would be best left out.What not to store in portable storage - Nashville TN - Mobile Attic

– Hazardous Materials: Hazardous materials are defined as something that is “flammable, corrosive, or explosive.” Batteries, paints, ammunition, bleach, matches, gas, and motor oil are just some of the many things that are considered hazardous and could cause risks to those storing them. Be sure to educate yourself on what items might cause issues if stored improperly and be sure to keep them in the safest locations possible.

Improper storage of more hazardous materials could cause health issues due to excessive exposure to the material or contact with something that should have been handled differently. On top of that, a big spill or release of toxic gas could harm larger groups of people if it gets out into the air or surrounding areas of water.

– Perishables: Perishable items are things that will not likely survive long in storage and, therefore, would be best left out. Things like animals, plants, and certain foods should be kept out and monitored, rather than stowed away. Typical foods to watch out for are frozen foods, produce, and things that need to be refrigerated. These will quickly go bad and cause a lot of nasty issues for those who stored them. Also, animals and plants are living things that need care and attention. If neglected in storage, they will likely not survive.

– Sensitive Information: When it comes to things that you want kept private or safe, leave it out of storage and keep those items close to you. Letting others handle sentimental, expensive, or important items is risky as they are not likely to be as careful with them as you would be. These things typically include photo albums, birth/marriage/death certificates, financial information, keys, jewelry, electronics, and the like. If something very personal must be stored, be sure to check out your insurance policies to ensure that these more expensive items are covered, should an unexpected accident occur.

Storage units are a great way to make chaotic times easier and more convenient, but it is important to learn how to store things safely. The Mobile Attic has all of the equipment you need to make your storage needs a reality. Call us today and talk with one of our experts!