What’s Safe & Not Safe For Storage?

Have you recently invested in a portable storage container? Whether you need room for an event, are preparing for a remodel, or are simply running out of space in your home, renting one of these units can be extremely beneficial on multiple levels. That being said, it is important to ensure you are storing safely. Learn more about this below.

Not Safe: Hazardous Or Flammable Materialspacked mobile attic storage unit in front of white house

There is a long list of materials and products that are considered hazardous and could cause some risks if left unattended in a storage container. Anything flammable, toxic, corrosive, or potentially explosive should not be stored. This includes, but is not limited to, ammunition, car batteries, paint thinners, cleaning supplies, bleach, pesticides, and more.

If you are concerned about the safety of storing an item, be sure to do your research and review lists of items that could cause threats.

Not Safe: Perishables Items

Anything perishable should not be kept in storage. This would include any food that should be refrigerated or frozen, as well as any fresh produce. Meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and even pet food can attract unwanted pests or trigger mold growth. You will also want to be cautious when storing a refrigerator. Be sure to clean it out, unplug it, and to let it sufficiently dry before putting it into your storage unit.

Perishable items would also include anything living, such as pets or plants.

Safe: Canned Goods

Now, many foods are not safe to store, but most canned goods are fine to stash away for a while. These items have a long shelf life. They are sealed up tight enough that no bugs or animals would be attracted to the smell.

Safe: Construction & Landscaping Tools

Do you have a lot of power tools, construction materials, or plumbing supplies that you simply have no extra room for? Don’t start constructing that backyard shed just yet. Rather, invest in a unit that you can safely store these items in until you need them again down the line. Most items along these lines are perfectly safe to store.

Not Safe: Personal Information & Sentimental Items

If you have birth certificates, car titles, school records, photo albums, or sentimental items, keep them safe at home. If something would happen to them, these items are hard (or sometimes impossible) to replace and could put your identity at risk.

Along with these, keep any expensive jewelry or family heirlooms close by, as well. We don’t recommend trusting others to handle or secure items that are close to your heart.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about what is safe to store and what is not, reach out today. We would be happy to help you out every step of the way, and we can ensure you are storing as safely as possible. The Mobile Attic has always got your back!