Why Moving Is So Stressful (And How To Handle It)

Anyone who’s been through a move in the past knows how stressful and time-consuming the whole process can be. Countlesspeople smiling and holding moving boxes companies need to be hired, all types of bills need to be switched over, your address needs to be changed, and then comes the physical labor of hauling and packing your entire household. It’s a lot to think about and it can take a big toll on the entire family!

Fortunately, we have some tips of how to cope with some of the worst parts of moving. The Mobile Attic is dedicated to making these events as worry-free as possible, ensuring you and your loved ones stay safer, happier, and more content, no matter what.

Plan Ahead & Stay Organized

If you know about your move weeks ahead of time, do not wait until the last minute to get everything done. Map out a week-by-week plan of what you’d like to accomplish, then follow through, ensuring the many tasks involved are well spread out. As you approach the big day, you will be extremely relieved to know that most of your checklist is already taken care of, giving you the chance to concentrate more on maintaining as much stability as possible.

Unfortunately, not all moves have such a wide time frame. If you’re forced to relocate in a shorter time span, we still recommend making a list of everything you need to get done and to try and divide your time as evenly as possible. Then, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Friends, family, and neighbors are likely more than willing to help you out during this hectic time, and it will allow you some good quality time with them before leaving for good.

Take Care Of Yourself

Enough sleep, proper eating, and taking out time for yourself are all important parts of keeping you in a strong mental and physical state. When your schedule is crazy and there seems to be an impossible list of tasks to get done, it’s easy to turn to take-out and start depriving yourself of sleep. It may feel like you’re saving yourself time and stress in the moment, but these habits will actually end up contributing to it even more!

By not taking care of yourself, you’ll likely wind up feeling even more tired, scatterbrained, and run down in the end. If you have little ones to take care of, this goes for them, too! Keep yourself and your family in the best mental state possible by doing your best to stick to the normal routine. That being said, a nice treat now and then is good for morale, too! If it’s been an especially crazy day, treat the clan to some ice-cream or a relaxing park trip. It’s an easy step and it’ll be great for clearing your head!

Remember That Plans Can (And Probably Will) Change

You can map out everything, but that doesn’t mean events won’t come up that throw your plans off kilter. Do your best to roll with it, and remember that, in the end, things will work out, especially if you’re working with a great team like ours. We understand how hectic things get which is why we always remain flexible, doing our best to rearrange schedules, as needed.

Ready to work with the best? Count on The Mobile Attic!

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