Winter Checklist For Your Home

Cooler weather has officially arrived, and soon we’ll be facing snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. To prepare for this time of year, people tend to invest in bulky coats, boots, scarves, and more, and they purchase snow pants, mittens, hats, and the like for their kiddos, too. Well, just like us, our homes need some extra prep, too, to get through this colder time of year!snowy cabin

Not sure where to start? We have some guidelines to get you going. Review some of our tips below!

Insulate & Protect Piping

Your home’s pipes become extra vulnerable when winter comes around. Why is this? Well, they can easily freeze, which will put a lot of pressure on them and cause some expansion. This situation can bring about a burst pipe in no time, which will leave you facing a lot of water damage and some expensive plumbing repair work.

To avoid disasters of this nature, protect your pipes with insulation, especially the ones that are located in your garage, attic, or other notoriously cold locations. It is also important to remove and drain your hoses, as they can experience damage if left outside for the winter, then store them somewhere safe.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Throughout the course of the holiday season, the snow, sleet, and ice on your roof will melt, and when this happens it’s important that this water has a safe and effective way to escape off your roof and away from your home. If it simply goes down the sides of your house and pools at your foundation, you could wind up facing some significant structural damage in a hurry. You could also experience water damage in your home.

Invest In Professional Maintenance

You HVAC system, as well as your dryer vents, chimney and fireplace, water heater, plumbing, and more,  could all benefit from an inspection before cold temperatures officially arrive. All of these appliances function safer and more efficiently when checked over annually, and these overviews will ensure you get the most from them, no matter what. No one wants a broken down heater or lack of hot water when bad weather strikes!

Need Some Extra Storage?

Hoses, grills, lawnmowers, yard equipment, patio furniture, and all kinds of appliances and tools need a safe, dry, and warm spot to sit for months of disuse. Well, that’s where we are here to help! We offer a wide range of storage solutions, and we can deliver a storage unit right to your house, so you can easily get things packed up at a pace that works for you.

The great part about it is, once spring rolls back around, you can switch out your warm-weather items for your winter-related items, like the snowblower, your shovels, Christmas decor, and more. You’ll always have the room you need when you depend on us! Ready to learn more? Give us a call, and we work something out today!