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Packing Supplies

Protect Your Belongings With Quality Packing Supplies

When moving or storing your personal belongings and valuables, you want the confidence and assurance that everything will stay safely and securely in place. Here at The Mobile Attic, we offer packing supplies designed to make storing and moving easier and to keep your items in great condition. Our optional packing supplies include:

Secure Straps for E-Track

E-track straps are incredibly durable and strong straps that are used to keep items from slipping or shifting during storage or moves. E-track straps hook to rails in the floor or walls of our storage units, and have the strength to keep even the largest items in place. Not sure how many E-straps you need? If you are reserving an 8″x16″ storage unit, we recommend around 6 E-straps. An 8″x10″ unit will generally require a little less, while an 8″x20″ unit will generally require a few more.

Moving Blankets

We always recommend using moving blankets when packing to avoid scratches and damage to your furniture and other stored items. Moving blankets provide padding between items and help keep everything secure and beautiful. If you are reserving an 8″x16″ or 8″x20″ storage unit, we recommend around 2 dozen moving blankets. For an 8″x10″ container, you should be good with about half that.

Pad Locks

Of course, you’ll want to protect your items from theft with a secure lock. We provide quality disc padlocks, which are much more difficult to tamper with than traditional padlocks. If you are using an 8″x16″ or 8″x10″ storage unit, one padlock will suffice; however, some 8″x20″ units will need two locks if they have a door on each end. Customer service will let you know how many locks are needed when you reserve your storage unit.

If you have any questions about our packing supplies, customer service will be more than happy to assist you when you reserve your storage unit. We have extensive experience with packing, storing and moving and can help you determine everything you need to secure and protect your belongings. Contact our Nashville location today!

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